Marketing & Public Relations

Many event firms leave this to you. At York Management, however, we look at marketing and public relations as the key to a successful event—and a mission-critical client service.

From marketing materials, to invitations, to advertising and event promotions, our staff and preferred partners will work with you, a creative agency or your in-house marketing staff to create the kind of breakthrough communications that fill your RSVP list... and your bank account.

Some of the services we provide:
  • Develop marketing and PR plans, with clearly defined delivery dates and objectives
  • Work with creative agency or your in-house staff to develop a creative strategy, design invitations, programs, signage and advertising
  • Secure media donations and/or purchase advertising space, if needed
  • Bid printers for any necessary project, and manage print production
  • Develop mailing lists and coordinate mailings
  • Coordinate creation and placement all signage and outdoor media
  • Write press releases
  • Create media distribution list, and do media follow up to secure story placement and scheduled interviews
  • Coordinate necessary press checks to ensure print quality of your pieces
  • Write thank you letters to key attendees, donors and the like
  • Create file of all materials used for promotion, for your organization’s posterity