Making the connections that count. That is the essence of successful fundraising.

York Management’s approach to fundraising starts with careful identification of your audience. What individuals, corporations, grant-making institutions and non-profit organizations are most likely to help you achieve your goals? Who are your natural allies in the communities you serve? What vendors are best aligned with your needs and goals?

A good fundraiser does more than just raise dollars and cents. They make your donors into partners. These partners become the very framework of your organization…trusted friends you can turn to again and again to “make things happen.”

York Management ensures flawless follow through in collecting and organizing your sponsor investments, with services including:
  • Creation of corporate and individual donor contracts/packages
  • Development of fundraising package
  • Development of sponsorship levels and specific benefits
  • Solicitation of major donors
  • Solicitation of in-kind or discounted rate donors for services, rentals, pro-bono advertising, as appropriate for your event
  • Monitoring the inflow of donations and payments, making sure donations are coming through as planned to cover expenses
  • Update budget continually, carefully monitoring to make sure the event will meet its financial goals