Event Planning & Logistics

We start by asking: “What is your goal?”

After all, it takes more than just a team of florists and caterers to create a great event. We start by looking at what you want to achieve, the message you wish to send, the audiences you plan to reach and the fundraising or friendraising goals you need to meet. Then we help you put together an event concept that meets those goals. It can be as simple as a grand opening event, or as complicated as the multi-tiered events our firm created for The Ryder Cup Experience, or the IdeaFestival.

Once everyone agrees on the vision of an event, we help you make it a reality—and a resounding success. We’ll help you make the right connections, finding the right members for your volunteer steering committee if neeeded, creating and/or selling corporate sponsorship packages, and negotiating the best prices and select in-kind donations from vendors. Other event firms usually leave these critical details up to the client. At York Management, we consider it one of our specialties.

When your event day arrives, our team manages every logistical detail on site…so you can reap the rewards, without sweating the small stuff.

York Management provides our clients with an extensive array of services, including:

Strategic event concepts:
  • Build upon an event concept or create one that reaches the right audience, with activities that interest them
  • Set fundraising goals and develop corporate sponsorship packages
  • Conduct volunteer needs assessment, identify and recruit volunteer steering committee/subcommittees
  • Create fundraising sales materials, set meetings with prospective donors, personally sell fundraising packages, and work with you to secure budget funding of events (for non-profits)
  • Identify the right movers and shakers for your invitation lists
  • Create an event budget
  • Monitor budget income and expenditures
  • Secure venue and coordinate/negotiate the best vendor bids
  • Create timeline and master list of duties for events
  • Research, book and secure entertainment• Secure speakers as needed
  • Arrange for all audio/visual equipment• Handle mailing/emailing of invitations
  • Approve menus, flower design and décor
  • Develop award programs when needed, managing the nomination and voting process as appropriate
  • Obtain any needed permits and assistance from local government agencies
  • Coordinate billing and payment to vendors
  • Write talking points, working with speakers who request help
  • Coordinate the flow of the event, including writing and timing the program
  • Create seating charts
  • Coordinate, train and inform on-site volunteers, vendors etc.
  • Manage registrations and check-ins
  • Meticulous attention to detail overall
  • Auction:
    • Secure auctioneers and assist in soliciting donations for charity auctions
    • Securing donations and delivery of items for silent auction
    • Coordinating shipping and storage of silent auction items, especially for fragile, historic, or celebrity-donated items
    • Manage pre-auction organizing for charity events
    • Write silent auction item descriptions
    • Create auction descriptions/display sheets
    • Set-up/décor/display of actual auction area
  • Celebrities:
    • Extend invitations to celebrities, famous chefs, professional athletes, top CEO's, interfacing with their agents, managing their travel arrangements, and handling their needs upon arrival
    • Interfacing with celebrities and their management to coordinate donations or event appearances