What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Tonya has an almost unprecedented combination of skills and talents. She’s an absolute master of management, leadership and entrepreneurship. She knows her stuff. She’s a brilliant saleswoman. No one can say ‘no’ to her when it comes to the crucial ‘ask,’ whether it’s for a keynote speech or a sponsorship. She’s one of the most innovative designers anywhere when it comes to events and programs that have people on the edge of their seats: and she pulls it all together with a sense style and elegance that’s simply breathtaking.”
George Gendron, Former Editor in Chief
Inc. Magazine

“Tonya York Dees and York Management has always delivered the goods on high visibility, high-risk projects that have helped enhance Louisville’s reputation. From spearheading our efforts to land and manage the 2001 Inc. 500 Conference, to running a very successful venture capital conference in 2003, to the 2008 Ryder Cup, to helping land and mange the IdeaFestival, her skills resulted in high quality, high revenue events with expertly controlled costs.”
Joe Reagan, President and CEO
St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, formerly Greater Louisville, Inc.

“WOW! What a conference. Tonya did a great job of pulling together an outstanding program and group of volunteers, committee members and staff for the Inc. 500 conference. Those committee meetings looked like the ‘who’s who of Louisville.’”
Marlene Knight, Owner
Marlene Knight-Special Events

“I want to congratulate everyone on the Inc. 500 planning committee for the unbelievable success of the event. The universal response was very, very positive. The out-of-towners were not just impressed; they were truly wowed by the response of our community. Every event and venue was world class. Our volunteers were superb and drew many comments. The only guy not having a great time was the poor fellow from Albuquerque who is attempting to coordinate next year’s event out there. The only advice I could offer him was to hire Tonya York Dees to run the event. Congrats!”
Kent Oyler, President
Greater Louisville Inc. 

“Tonya York Dees is simply the best conference planner and business positioning strategist in the business. Because of her long history of working with CEOs, she has insights and information that are unique in a consultant. Her working style makes everyone feel valuable, from the CEO to the receptionist.”
Merrily Orsini, Managing Director
Corecubed, Integrating Marketing+Design+PR

“I can’t say enough good things about Tonya and her company. I have known her for many, many years and work with her every year on both conventions and events at our hotel, as well as in our city. If I were to summarize her greatest strengths, it would have to be her ability to create a vision for an event and then to carry it out to precision, including the tiniest of details. Her greatest weaknesses…well, as unusual as it may sound, I haven’t encountered any. She is the whole package.”
Nicholas G. Gardner, Navigator
Galt House Hotel & Suites

“Tonya’s tireless work ethic, ambitious spirit and engaging personality, combined with her impressive detailed planning experience, have benefited our community in many ways. She is highly regarded in her field and respected by her peers and I can’t think of a more prepared company than York Management, Inc for any event or convention. As founding chair of our Julep Ball – which attracts 1200 guests and has netted more than $275,000 annually for research in cancer – Tonya has coalesced key volunteers, secured necessary sponsorships and arranged for celebrities to add national attention. She has also been instrumental in the world renowned IdeaFestival success.”
Dr. James R. Ramsey, President
University of Louisville